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Rainbow Triangle - Nail Wraps (Standard)

Rainbow Triangle - Nail Wraps (Standard)

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Rainbow Nail Designs are a vibrant celebration of color and creativity, embodying the joy and diversity of the rainbow itself. This cheerful nail art style splashes a spectrum of hues across your fingertips, from the deepest reds to the brightest violets, creating a visually stunning effect that's both eye-catching and uplifting. Artists may opt for a straightforward approach, painting each nail a different color to form a complete rainbow, or employ more intricate techniques like gradient sponging, striping, and even incorporating elements like glitter, rhinestones, or holographic polishes to add dimension and sparkle. Rainbow glitter nail wrap designs not only make a bold fashion statement but also symbolize positivity, inclusivity, and the promise of sunny skies after the rain. Perfect for celebrating pride, bringing a pop of color to everyday life, or simply brightening your mood, these designs offer a fun and expressive way to wear your heart on your hands.

Last Up to 10 Days.

Each ManicureFX Standard Wrap Packaging Contains The Following.

  • 16 Double Ended Self Adhesive Nail Polish Wraps of 8 Different Sizes
  • 1 x Mini Nail File
  • 1 x Cuticle Pusher Bamboo Stick
  • 2 x Alcohol Swabs
  • Instructions For Application
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